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French Bulldog Nose Butter - Organic Salve for Your Frenchie's Nose

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Product Description
French Bulldogs are often plagued with a crusty ridge across the top of their nose. Sometimes it can even bleed when “picked” at! Does your French Bulldog have this crusty, cracked nose condition? Or is your Frenchie's nose dry and dull? In just 1-3 days your dog’s nose can be soft, smooth and healthy again. Like a French Bulldog Nose Facelift!

French Bulldog Nose Butter for dry, cracked, yucky, crusty noses. Handcrafted in Minnesota of 100% Organic Shea Butter, organic avocado oil, organic almond oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic cocoa seed butter, olive oil, Vitamin E oil, 100 percent Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy from Young Living Oils, The Blissful Dog Vibrational Essences, and a LOT of LOVE.

How To Use: If in the tin, scoop a bit (appropriate to the size of their nose) of Nose Butter™ out and rub it across the top of the nose and allow it to melt in. If using the tube, point tube away from eyes and swipe a thing layer across the top of the nose. If your dog does not like having their face “messed with” give a cookie to distract, feed them their dinner right after application or play a fun game with them for a bit. Tickle tummy, chase or even a quick walk will distract them and be fun for you both!

Many Frenchies do not like having their faces held closely – with their flat faces it can scare them or make them feel “smothered.”

Choose from the classic 1, 2 or 4 ounce sizes with Four Frenchies on the label. The slide-top tin is offered with the Four Frenchie Puppies label in .25 and .50 sizes. Frenchie Nose Butter is also available in less-mess twist-up tubes in .15 oz. .50 oz. and .75 oz sizes. All come packaged in a gift bag, ready to enjoy!

Tubes or Tins? Nose Butter for Dogs in the regular, classic tin is like whipped butter in a tub. Nose Butter in the tube (and slide-top tins) is a denser consistency like a stick of butter. The tube may be easier to apply for many, but can take a teeny bit longer to melt into the nose. Use less of the tube product, just a swipe is enough!
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